A toggle switch is located either in or outside the house. This switch is used to scroll through all the modes on the Illuminator.

  • II. Off Mode
    The lamp is “off” in mode 1. This mode cannot be reprogrammed.
  • III. Single Color Modes
    There are seven single color modes on the illuminator. These modes store static colors (no color changing or fading) on the device. Default single colors are red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, and white in that order.
  • IV. Party Mode
    The Illuminator also has a party mode on mode 8 by default. To use this mode, toggle the switch until you reach mode 8.
  • V. 1-2 Seconds (toggle Switch)
    Toggles to the next color mode.
  • VI. 5-8 Seconds (toggle Switch)
    The Illuminator defaults to its color changing mode.
  • VII. 10 Seconds and Up (toggle Switch)
    The Illuminator defaults to its last programmed mode. It allows it to return to the same mode it was on originally in the event of a power failure or off-on cycling



RF Touch RGB remote controller is a wireless color controlling system that consists of a sender and a receiver or several receivers, as shown in Figure 1, 2: By selecting switch status, you can set the system as RGB 3-channel output, or RGBW 4-channel output. Using RF Touch RGB remote controller, you can get whatever color you want; you can choose any color from RGB(W) to adjust so as to mix more than 100 million kinds of colors. With built-in 1 kind of color changing mode, you can easily switch color changing modes and adjust speed and brightness. “Function Pause” enables RGB LED to stay at your favorite color under the situation of color changing modes.

Specification Manual Sell Sheet


• Control up to 4 different zones individually or in group
• Create your own color transitions for each zone
• Control saturation levels for each color or Zone
• Turn ON/OFF each Zone individually or in group
• Dim 0-100% each zone individually
• Recall saved programs easily
• Control brightness and saturation levels for each zone
• Control Program speed on each zone
• Use the Color Wheel function to set colors easily
• Each zone can have up to 10 different steps of color effects
• 10 Pre-programed color changing effects included
• Wireless transmission up to 100 feet away
• Color Touch wheel
• 3 X AAA batteries required
• 430Mhz Transmission protocol
• Auto shut off after 10 seconds

Specification Manual Sell Sheet


• User-friendly interface, easy and simple operation.
• Operation return function.
• Control up to 4 zones.
• Set 4 scenes at each zone.
• Preset 10 changing modes, with pause function.
• Synchronization function of pattern changes ensure consistent change forever.
• Control synchronously after installing software on iphone, ipad, android.
• Enable to dim brightness of each R, G, B, W channel, in order to mix millions of colors. Enable to dim brightness of each R, G, B, W channel, in order to mix millions of color.

Specification Manual Sell Sheet


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