illuminati led fiber optic lightsource
  • Ion Series - The Best Engineered
    LED Lightsource

    IP68 Outdoor LED Fiber Optics Lightsource

    High quality IP68 outdoor rated fiber optic light sources for commercial and residential Applications


  • IMP Series - The Brightest
    Indoor LED Lightsource

    Indoor LED Fiber Optics Lightsource

    High quality indoor rated fiber optic light sources for commercial and residential Applications


  • Illuminati Accessories
    For Fiber Optic Products


    Find Fiber Optic Kits as well a variety of crystals and end lit and side lit Opti-pure fiber products


  • WALL WASH-5000 and 8000
    LED Wall Washer Series

    The brightest architectural LED wall washer series

    Our LED Wall Washer is a powerful fixture that will brighten, enhance, and add visual interest to any architectural project. The LED flood light contains one 80 watt (white) or one 40 watt (RGB), and is commonly used in architectural settings, both indoors and outdoors, to decorate spaces and to highlight buildings, gardens, restaurants, and even stage sets by producing a bright and dynamic environment.


The Ion-8000

Designed for architectural illumination, and pool or fountain applications. High-power white LEDs provide consistent color temperature and higher light output and longer life than conventional 150-watt fiber optic illuminator bulbs.

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Epic Control System

Our controllers are designed to support millions of programmable lighting scenes that you can configure from your phone or IPAD. We strive towards designing our systems to be simple and efficient solutions for our customers.

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The WALL WASH-5000

Illuminati's wall washer is powerful and energy efficient RGB LED based wall wash fixture incorporating (1) 40 watt RGB power LED. The WALL WASH can be operated as a single stand-alone fixture or in a multiple master/slave configuration

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